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Jaago Janardhan

A Supportive Community

Elementary School
Fruit Shop

Janata Janardhan

Our Mission

Bring together fellow underprivileged community members to awaken     and enlighten them to collaborate and work as a unit force and fight as a unit force against the suppression and oppression of the privileged class, should there be it.
This is to Save Our Souls
This is to say "We Stand United" 
Like Birds of same feathers flock Together, Fellows of a community Voice Together


Support Services

Several Options

Holding Hands

Support Each Other

We are a Family . Lets talk

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Group Therapy

Peer-to-Peer Groups

Lets Engage , Discuss and Plan

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Regularly Updated

We will collaborate for 




Last Mile Support

Understanding Your Emotions

Your Problem is Our Problem

The Importance of Human Connection

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